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Relazione annuale del Responsabile Carry

Aid Rural Child and Youth (CARRY) Sierra Leone





CARRY was formed in March 2011 with the aim of assisting the efforts of education service providers and the Ministry of Education (the Government) in upgrading nursery and infant education as well as education for out of school youths in Rural Peninsular regions in the Western Area. Opportunities for opening up to other areas in the country may exist for the future. The pioneers informally operated in the Lakka and Oogun Farm areas and based on the needs assessment information decided to formalize operations into CARRY. Since its inception to date, a number of activities have been undertaken in accordance with its Annual Programme of work.



(1) Drafting of the Constitution

The Constitution has been finalized.


(2) Land acquisition

A four town lot plot has been secured at Lakka. The conveyance is at the finalization by the organization’s lawyer. The foundation of the perimeter fence has been laid.

Construction of the school building

A pilot school construction accommodating a Nursery, three classrooms for class’s I-III, toilets and an Office building was started in February in April 2011. The construction is yet to be completed pending availability of funds. Two classrooms and the Nursery as well as some sections of the Office Building have been completed and are already in use. Below is a site view of the building.


(3) Selection of pilot school and teachers and initiation of adoption programme for school support

The organization has selected a pilot school, the St. Catherine Pre/Primary School, St. Michael’s Lodge, Lakka. This school was operated informally for war affected families under the auspices of the Family Home Movement (FHM), a catholic humanitarian organization. The school had no building of its own but had been accommodated at the residential quarters of FHM, and had untrained and unqualified teachers. A qualified Head Teacher in Nursery and Infant Education with years of experience , however, has headed the school who is also a CARRY member. A total of 100 children have been accommodated from Nursery age to Primary II into the new school building. Out of the total 40 of the pupils are placed under adoption from needs assessment of their background for school support by CARRY. A total of four qualified teachers including the Head Teacher have been employed with one unqualified who is on training with support from CARRY. The salaries of four of the teachers are paid by CARRY as they are not yet approved by the Ministry of Education.


(4) Funds for Construction , School supplies and Adoption

Fund raising was initiated with benevolent in Italy and Scotland to undertake the above activities . Some donors responded which made it possible for the construction to start while some pledges are still outstanding. A total of 40 school children adoption cases were successfully made by benevolent individuals to support the education of these children. Scotia Aid Organisation from Scotland sent in some school furniture. No financial assistance has yet been received. Some teachers have, however benefited from UNICEF-sponsored teacher in-service programmes.


(5) Registration with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs

The necessary documents have been prepared and submitted for registration. A follow up is being made to acquire the registration certificate, but action is still awaited.


(6) Membership Drive

Membership drive of the organization was also initiated. The metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of the Western Area, His Grace Dr. Edward Tamba Charles expressed interest in the project. He was instrumental in the acquisition of the project land. The Catholic Christian Brothers of the peninsular region have also expressed interest. Other individuals are also expressing interest in the project.



CARRY imitated activities and most were accomplished for the year ended 2012. There is remains to implement many more but funding has been the major constraint.


Faithfully submitted,


T. G. Moseray

Deputy Project Director



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